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The Road to Living Chronic TMJ Pain Free - Diagnosis & Treatment Plan | Dr. Kurt Uyehara, DDS

Ever wonder how we treat people with Chronic Pain TMJ? Since no two patients are the same, successful therapy depends on proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning. In many cases, chronic pain is actually caused from postural compensation. In other words, you could be aligning your joints improperly as to compensate for an uneven bite! Since this leads to pain in areas other than your jaw, many people don't realize that the root of their pain is actually TMJ Disorder.

Our TMJ Diagnosis Process

In order to minimize our patient’s time and maintain the most cost efficient methods, we like to begin our process by collecting data on airway, center of balance, and neurological reflexes. Diagnosis is an important step before treatment and completed in the following steps:

  1. At time of your appointment, a complete dental history is captured.

  2. In about 90% of cases, your description of symptoms, combined with a simple physical examination of face and jaw by your dentist, provides useful information for diagnosing these disorders (according to the Delta Dental Plans Association).

  3. Our team will take x-rays and make a cast of your teeth to see how your bite fits together, or request specialized x-rays for the TM joints. Your complete medical history may be reviewed, so it is important to keep your dental office record up-to-date.

  4. After thorough assessment, we may better proceed with individualized treatment to consistently reduce symptoms and relieve chief complaints.

Individualized TMJ Treatment Plan

To treat painful TMJ symptoms, we offer craniofacial orthopedic appliances, or temporary emergency appliances for certain cases. Each is uniquely molded based on Dr. Uyehara’s findings such as airway or balance deficiency. Depending on diagnosis, patients are given specific instructions for use- varying from throughout the day, or at night. With proper care, our patient’s bite is corrected and this trickles down to improve their posture and alignment. By improving your jaw, you can remove pain from your neck, back, and other areas and are ready to SMILE!

Want to Learn More?

If you're suffering from headaches or back or neck pain, come in for a consultation and learn more about how you could live pain free. Call us at 808-944-8338 or visit our office conveniently located in the Ala Moana Building in Honolulu, HI today.

Visit us at www.tmjdentalhawaii.com or call us 808-944-8338

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